​2008 Pontiac Torrent (102608 miles)

       Public Auction

                             ​Estate of Martha J. Condron

              405 Winnebago Drive, Greenwood, MO

                          Melody A. Folsom, Public Administrator

        Saturday, May 4, 10:00am

​                           Real estate @ 12:00 noon

Real estate: Lot 79, Block F, Lake Winnebago subdivision, a subdivision in the city of Lake Winnebago, Cass county, Missouri.  Home is 4 br, 3 bath, 2 car garage in a very nice location.  Can be seen by appointment.  Terms of real estate sale: $20,000 certified funds on auction day, balance at closing in 30 days.  Taxes will be prorated at closing.  Property is AS IS.


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        Collectibles and Misc.

solid wood hand carved elephant

divers helmet ice bucket

Paidar vintage barber chair

large hornet's nest

various animal mounts


coo coo clock

antique school desk seat

John Wayne knife collection

rattlesnake skin

Winchester knife

Gerber legendary carving knife set

Longaberger basket

hand painted water pitcher

vintage mantel clock

brass fire nozzle candle holder

lady liberty candle holder

railroad lantern

coal oil lamp

vintage Universal toaster

old scuba equipment

scuba tanks

Singer mod.294 commercial treadle sewing machine

old fishing lures

large butcher block

oak wall telephone

treadle sewing machine

clawfoot desk

brass horn

ice tongs

very old apple peeler

copper fire extinguisher

snow shoes

umbrella stand

yard ornaments


misc. hand tools


​               Guns

Colt 41 revolver sn190904

custom bench rifle w/ heavy duty bull barrel, Mauser action Gersher 98 .223  sn6919

German tiny pistol cal. unknown

Stevens Crack Shot 26

Colt nickel plated .44  sn63035

F&W breakover revolver sn35186

FB Radom(Polish)9mm sn28970

Remington M1911-A1ACP US Army sn922042

Ruger Bearcat .22  sn91-09749

Ruger .357 mag Blackhawk SS sn35-56690

S&W model 66 SS .357 mag w/original box sn 2K99387

Japanese 6.5 or 7.7 snG1748

Japanese Chrysanthemum sn 27276

​Japanese Chrysanthemum sn1008282

Model 99 sporterized  Japanese rifle(possibly 7.7 sn15545

Remington customized bench rifle  .22-250 w/ hardcase scope sn23728

Musket loader w/powder horn(Daniel Warhammer)

Custom made rifle(possibly Russian made) w/scope bear carved in stock

Remington model 4 .22 sn 326996

Remington model 700 .17 Remington w/ Leupold scope sn 6549268

Remington Target Master 510 .22 sn 28950

Savage model 2204 12 ga.

September 7,1872 Musket loader

S&Wmodel 60 .38 special SS sn93936

Stevens .22 little Scout sn 2-97

Winchester .22 LR hex barrel  sn 50465

Winchester model 12 12 ga.

Winchester model 12 12ga. full choke  (military) sn 995209

Winchester model 12 16 ga.improved cylinder sn 1366875

Wionchester model 1906 slide action .22 

sn 135676B

Winchester model 70 .30-06 w/ Lyman 4 power scope sn 195165

6.5 custom Remington magnum

barrel only German orBelgium made triple tapered barrel

Benjamin Franklin pellet gun

​                  Coins

1732-1982 George Washington commemorative half dollar

1776-1976 Bicentennial silver proof set

1960 thru 1965 US mint proof sets

1968 thru 1975 US mint proof sets

1971 Eisenhower uncirculated silver dollars

1976 US mint uncirculated  coins 1776-1976

1977 US mint proof set

1977 US mint uncirculated coins

1978 US mint uncirculated coins

1979,1980 US mint proof sets

1980,1981 US mint uncirculated coins

1982 thru1984 US mint proof sets

1985,1987 uncirculated coin sets

1988 US mint Uncirculate coins

1089 US mint collectible coin sets

1989,1992 US mint proof sets

1992 US mint silver proof set

1992 thru 1998 US mint proof sets

1993 thru 1997 uncirculated coin sets

1996 US mint silver proof sets

1997 US mint premium silver proof set

1997 US mint silver proof sets

1998 US mint silver proof sets

​1999 US mint silver proof sets w/state quarters

1999 US mint uncirculated coins Pennsylvania

1999 US mint uncirculated coins Denver

20 old nickels

2000 US mint 50 state quarters

2000,2001,2002 US mint proof sets

2000 US mint silver proof sets

2001 US mint 50 states quarters proof set

2001 US mint silver proof set

2002 US mint uncirculated coin set 

2002 US mint 50 state quarters proof sets

2002 US mint silver proof sets

2003 US mint 50 state quarters proof sets

2003 US mint silver proof set

​2004 American Eagle one ounce silver proof coin

2004 US mint 50 state quarters proof sets

2004 US mint proof set

2004 US mint silver proof set

2004 US mint uncirculated coin set

2005 US mint 50 state quarters proof sets(silver bullion)

250 old pennies

A coin history of US presidents

Commemorative JFK 1974 half dollars

half dollars

Jefferson nickel book starting 1938

Liberty head nickel collection 1883-1913

Liberty quarters

Lincoln cents 1941

Lincoln cents 1909-1918

Mecury head dime book 1916-1945

old dimes and quarters

rolled Ben Franklin half dollars

rolled dimes 46-63

rolled half dollars

rolled JFK& lady liberty half dollars

rolled nickels

rolled pennies

rolled pennies 61-17

rolled quarters 58-61

rolled wheat pennies

Roosevelt dime book starting 1946

silver dollars

US mint proof dollars 1971

$2 bill

8 silver certificates

confederate dollar

​world currencies taped together